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We count on your donations to continue our life-saving work. As a non-profit organization with no paid staff members, our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly on behalf of local animals. And our efforts are paying off. Our innovative programs have been credited with reducing the number of animals who are euthanized at our local animal control facility. Our dream is that one day, no adoptable animals will be killed in area shelters. We thank you for helping us realize this dream.Visit the donation page to see where your money goes.

Highlighted Animals
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  15547 - Arthur
Arthur is an adult, neutered male cat who is active and likes to explore.  He likes to hang out on your highest bookshelf, just watching the house.  He hangs out by window sills to watch the wildlife outside.  If you have a screened in porch, Arthur will definitely want to hang out there with you.  He likes to play and to stay active.  Arthur used to live with another cat,...read more about 15547 - Arthur
  16997 Mystic
If you are looking for a tolerant, housebroken and well behaved dog, then look no further.  Mystic is your match.  She has done incredibly well with many different dogs.  She absolutely adores being around children and likes to sit for treats.  Mystic has also met an adult cat and a kitten.  She was interested and curious, but the moment the adult cat hissed at her, she ba...read more about 16997 Mystic
  17025 Clove
Clove is a cute, red and white female bunny who is young.  She is curious and likes to get a piece of carrot as a treat.

SEPTEMBER 27 10am to 3pm
Lake Elkhorn in Columbia
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Fur-ever Homes Needed For
Wings, Wags and Whiskers so 
Hop On Over To Adopt!

We have many different species of animals brought to our shelter.  Some of these include Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Hamsters, Birds and Reptiles. Please come on by and support these little critters that need homes too.

Location: 8576 Davis Rd. Columbia, MD 21045

While small animals like these are available for adoption during regular business hours, a special Adoption Day to feature them is being held on Saturday, August 23rdfrom 10:00-2:00
If you are not in a position to adopt, you can still help by sending this information to all your friends and neighbors.  You can also bring donations that will help the animals too.

Little Critter Donation Wish List:

Hard chews sticks
Flat hay mats
Straw huts 
Grocery store gift cards for 
fresh veggies

Wooden hide boxes
Wooden chew toys

Hanging toys



Paint Branch PACA BIG THANK YOU to our friends at Paint Branch High Pet Advocate Club.  The PAC club held a donation drive in addition to 2 Bake Sales to benefit the animals!  Overall they raised $550 and 6 huge bags of goodies.  Young adults like this not only help the animals but help us feel very positive about the future.  

If It Helps Just One....

A Volunteer reports a friend accidentally left her pantry door open. When she returned home, she found her dog had gotten its head stuck in a cereal box and suffocated. While this may seem very unlikely, it’s not the first time we’ve heard of it! Several years ago, a dog we know died in a potato chip bag. Similarly, cats have been reported to suffer the same fate getting stuck in cat food cans. We’ve probably all wondered why “this bag is not a toy” even needs to be said.  But food containers don’t usually post a warning, and for our four-legged friends, anything with food or food residue is especially tempting.  So be safe and keep food and trash out of your pet’s reach. 

In our position, we often get alerts or stories that people want us to share. In an effort to bring them to you in an organized fashion, we’ll post them under this title.  Our goal is not to be depressing or alarmist, but to present things you may never have thought of but should know.  If it helps just one, it will be worth it.


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