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We count on your donations to continue our life-saving work. As a non-profit organization with no paid staff members, our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly on behalf of local animals. And our efforts are paying off. Our innovative programs have been credited with reducing the number of animals who are euthanized at our local animal control facility. Our dream is that one day, no adoptable animals will be killed in area shelters. We thank you for helping us realize this dream.Visit the donation page to see where your money goes.


 The Shelter is open for adoptions by appointment only!  Please follow the instructions on the pet's description.  

Highlighted Animals
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  34127 - Reina
Reina 34127: Meet Reina! Reina is an energetic 2 year old female Pit Bull in search of an active forever family. Reina has an exuberant personality and is always ready for a play session in the yard. In her previous home, Reina was housebroken and crate trained. She never lived with another dog or a cat, so we do not know how she will do at this time with other pets in the home. She lived with old...read more about 34127 - Reina
  34242 - Alaska
Alaska(male) is a 1yr old, Guinea Pig who is energetic and likes to explore. He plays with plastic jingle bell toys and he really likes time out of his cage to explore for hidden treats. You can make him some fun cardboard box tunnels and hiding stations. Alaska is very nervous of sudden movements and sounds, so he will need time to get to know you. If you talk very calm and move very slow, he wil...read more about 34242 - Alaska
  34262 - Chase
Chase is a 5yr old, male rabbit who is cute and friendly. He is a small bunny and he likes to hop around and explore tunnels and cardboard boxes for hidden treats. Once he is tired, he will settle right in your lap for some cuddle time. Once he gets to know his new home, he will make a lovely companion bunny. He comes right over to you to say hi when you walk in the room. ****Our shelter is open ...read more about 34262 - Chase

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This Fund is to help pet parents who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus and have an unexpected urgent pet illness that they can't afford.  If you need assistance, please contact us at 410 880 2488 #3 or info@animal-advocates.org. 

Animals enrich our lives so much and we want people to have that continued blessing, especially in these scary times.  We would so appreciate your donation, if you feel you are able.  Thank you.  


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