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We count on your donations to continue our life-saving work. As a non-profit organization with no paid staff members, our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly on behalf of local animals. And our efforts are paying off. Our innovative programs have been credited with reducing the number of animals who are euthanized at our local animal control facility. Our dream is that one day, no adoptable animals will be killed in area shelters. We thank you for helping us realize this dream.Visit the donation page to see where your money goes.


Kids Who Care
 There is so much you can do to help the helpless animals in your community.

You've just taken the first step in doing so...

If you wish to volunteer for Animal Advocates of Howard County,
please contact us at aadvocates@hotmail.com

Visit www.humaneteen.org which is run by
The Humane Society of The United States.



The Animal Advocates Recycling-Fundraiser Program

    • Collect empty inkjet and laser cartridges (and digital cell phones)
    • Animal Advocates receives up to $4 for each inkjet cartridge ($2 for most styles), $1-12 for each laser cartridge, and $2.50 for each digital cell phone (working or not)
    • There are over 200 different cartridges on the market. Almost all are accepted by this program; however cartridges made by Epson or for Epson printers cannot be accepted.
    • Use the postage-paid envelope to send in your inkjet cartridges. Please email for information about how to recycle laser cartridges and cell phones at aadvocates@hotmail.com (mark the email with Attn: Cindy S.)
    • For larger quantities: additional mailing envelopes and pre-paid boxes that hold 12-20 cartridges are available. Please email to request them.
    • Students: if you're interested in organizing cartridge collections at your school, please contact us for information to get you started. Your effort will benefit your community as well as the environment


Meet Extraordinary Kids Who Have Made a Huge Difference

Kalilah held a Bake Sale, and for her 7th Birthday, she asked for donations in lieu of presents.  This awesome girl raised $355 to help animals!  What a wonderful way to celebrate the day you were born.  

Girl Scout Junior Troop 10200 from Elkridge collected over 150 cans of pet food, 50 towels, numerous boxes of pet treats, 50 dog toys and 150 cat toys to donate to the animals at the Howard County Animal Care and Adoption center.  When deciding what project to take on for their Girl Scout Bronze Award, their love of animals shone through.  The troop decided to host a "Help Homeless Animals Pawty" where admission to the event was a donation of pet supplies.  At the event there were 8 different stations that  included everything from face painting and decorating cupcakes to making cat toys and adopting a stuffed animal.  Over 80 Girl Scouts attended the Pawty and helped Troop 10200 make such a substantial donation.  The scouts earned their Bronze Award for all the hard work they put into this noble effort.   It is the highest award a Girl Scout Junior can earn.  Troop 10200 is proud that their efforts will benefit many animals waiting for their forever homes. 

Girl Scout Brownie Troop #10117 is filled with animal lovers. When we asked them to help plan our troop topics for the year, they all agreed they wanted to learn more about animals. For our latest unit, we focused on animal rescues and shelters. After visiting the cats, bunnies, guinea pigs and dogs at the HoCo Animal Shelter, the girls collected items to donate. They donated dog treats, cat toys, blankets, small animal supplies but their favorite items were creating cat boxes. Each box is especially decorated by a Brownie with a written GS troop stamp of approval that these fine cats would make a great pet for a loving family. Thanks to Ann of Animal Advocates for teaching us about pet ownership and making a true commitment to our pets for their lifetime!
Girl Scouts 4-2-15

Jacob (5) and Joel (2)  had their guests bring donations in lieu of gifts for their joint birthday party. They are so happy to help all the cats and dogs! 

THANK YOU to our friends at Paint Branch High Pet Advocate Club.  The PAC club held a donation drive in addition to 2 Bake Sales to benefit the animals!  Overall they raised $550 and 6 huge bags of goodies.  Young adults like this not only help the animals but help us feel very positive about the future.  

Paint Branch PAC

On April 26, 2013, this Junior Girl Scout Troop hosted a "Help Shelter Animals" event to help the Howard County Animal Control and Adoption Center.  They hosted over 60 girls with the purpose of providing pet adoption education and collecting donations. The girls' fondest wish is that someone will be inspired to adopt a shelter pet and give it a forever home.
Thank you, Jenna, Marisa, Brianna, Leah, Madison, Natalie and Jordan.kidswhocareGS4453

We dropped off the donations to the Howard County Animal Shelter.  Katherine wanted to have a donation party for the Howard County Animal Shelter in honor of her guinea pig Caramel (pictured in the middle on top of the Milk bones), who she adopted from the shelter in April of 2012.  She feels bad for the animals who don't have a home yet and wanted to do something nice for them, so she had a donation birthday party.

Johanna Kids Who Care
A BIG THANKS to Johanna who decided that for her 7th Birthday, she wanted to help animals who don't have a home.  Her Mom suggested collecting donations and Johanna asked all her friends to bring items for dogs and cats instead of birthday gifts for her.  Here's a photo of Johanna and her cat Duncan who was adopted from the Shelter and provided inspiration for this project.  Nice job Johanna!  And thanks to all the parents who are teaching their children care and compassion for others in need. 

Kids Who Care Johanna & Duncan



"Passionate kids who ask great questions" is how our Humane Education Team Volunteer described these students who prepared for a public service project by reading the book "Cages".  They followed up with a donation drive and then hand-made an incredible amount of fleece toys to keep homeless dogs entertained while they await permanent homes.


"Madeline comes through for the animals once again!  Thanks to Madeline's generosity, dogs and cats will be well taken care of while they wait for new homes.  This is not the first time Madeline has organized a donation collection and we are so appreciative of her efforts.  She sets a wonderful example for her peers and we send out a big Thank You on behalf of the animals!"

Gabrielle and Jesse


Hello my name is Gabrielle, I wanted to donate to the shelter because I love animals I even have my own dog and his name is Buddy.  I also have some cats. Their names are Bitz, Carly, and Frostbite. If I ever got an animal I would get it from the shelter. I would never give an animal back to the shelter if I got it for a present I wouldn’t care what it looks like or how it acts because I would love no matter what. I would try to save up money to get it well groomed at the groomers. It’s important to donate to your local shelter and treat all animals fairly. I always wanted to volunteer at a shelter but I’m to young so I decided to donate instead and I can’t wait till I’m old enough to volunteer.

Hello my name is Jesse I have a dog named Joey. I wanted to donate to the animal shelter because I always liked helping animals and people ever since I was little. I really wanted to give them a lot of blankets for the pets so they would be comfy cozy lying down in their cages or crates.


To Ms. P's 2nd Grade class at the St. Augustine School in Elkridge

This thoughtful project involved making goodie bags with treats and toys to keep the shelter dogs and cats happy while they wait for new homes. They also prepared valentines for the adoptive parents.  What a great way to make the shelter animals feel loved! 


Thank you Joshua for a job well done!


Our son Joshua loves animals.  In lieu of gifts for his birthday, Joshua decided to ask all his friends and family to bring donations for the Animal Advocates of Howard County.  Joshua collected food, toys, blankets, litter, and many other items that will benefit animals in need.  Joshua is an animal lover and is very happy to help!!!




For my birthday, I collected donations for the animals at the animal shelter.  I asked my friends to bring a present for the animals instead of bringing presents for me.  I already have a lot and I know the animals need special things to keep them happy.  I collected food and toys for the dogs and cats.  I also collected over $100.00 for the shelter.  I think everyone should put animals first on their special day.


On Friday, 5/6/11, the Marriotts Ridge HS Science National Honor Society delivered contributions from students to Animal Advocates of Howard County. Dog and cat food, toys, and supplies were collected to honor National Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month (April).  Second period classes were challenged to bring the heaviest contributions.  Mr. Eberhardt's chorus class won with a 40 lbs. bag of dog food!

WOW!!! Thank You!!!





Here's a very BIG THANK YOU to the 8th Grade Reading Students at Wilde Lake Middle School! 



Madeline turned 9 this year and chose to have another "donation" party for Animal Advocates. All her friend's parents think this is great and the kids have a good time picking out things from the "Wish List." This has even inspired one of her friends to have a donation party on behalf of another local oraganization.


Happy Birthday and a Big Thank You, Madeline!

Madeline with Daisy... the dog we adopted from
Howard County Animal Control 3/9/10, shortly after her last "donation" birthday party.



Pictured below are students from the Bollman Bridge Elementary School who participated in the after school program called Girls on the Run.  These students collected an amazing amount of donations on behalf of the homeless pets in our community.


Thank you girls! Excellent job!





At the 2010 Walk for Paws, Animal Advocates was thrilled to honor the efforts oftwo outstanding young people, Kelly and Carlos.
Instead of birthday presents, they asked their friends and families to donate to Animal Advocates.
We would like to thank both Kelly and Carlos for their special acts of kindness.  We would also like to commend their parents for supporting their efforts.  During these tough financial times their support is deeply appreciated.















For my 13th birthday, my parents threw me a surprise party.
But earlier, they asked me that if I had a party, what would I like to do?
I told them that instead of receiving gifts that I would like to collect donations to give to an animal shelter. 


Not only did the school collect a bunch of food, treats, and other great stuff for the animals, some of the students crafted hand-made toys for the dogs.  Thanks so much to Ms. Warner and Wilde Lake Middle School for caring enough to do this special project for homeless animals!  kidswhocareCollage 


On March 27th, my husband and I had the pleasure of attending the Bat Mitzvah of the daughter of two of our good friends.  We have seen Thuy grow up to be a loving and compassionate young woman.  Needless to say, her thank you speech to her family and friends got the attention of everyone in the audience and brought tears to their eyes.  I would like to share with everyone her feelings about her rescue dog, Griffin,  and why it is so important to adopt a homeless pet.

Thuy's word-

"Before we leave, I would like to make one more thank you.  I would like to thank my rescue dog Griffin, he has comforted me whenever I was really stressed out, a dog really is a human's best friend.  For my Bat Mitzvah project I decided to volunteer at the Pet Rescue of Maryland.  I adopted my Griffin from that organization.  Many people don't realize that there are animals in shelters that need homes, and if you are the type of person that prefers pure breed dogs, there are pure breed dogs in rescue shelters.  These animals have faced traumatic things in their young and old age.  In my experience, this makes these animals love more, because they have faced terrible things, things that we are to disgusted to even think about.  They love more, because even just a small amount of love means the world to them.  Please, before you decide to adopt a pet, think of the rescue shelters.  And think of those animals that need to be shown that the whole world isn't terrible.

Thanks to all of you for coming to my Bat Mitzvah!
Thank you Thuy for spreading the word that it's better to adopt than shop.

Ann S.

Elizabeth (pictured second from left) contacted us about making a donation to the shelter.  She and her fourth grade friends at a school in Clarksville had undertaken a service project to gather items from their friends and family.  It was quite a collection.  There were bags and bags for the homeless animals.



Madeline chose to receive donations for the shelter at her 8th birthday party this month.  It's so nice when young people reach out to help the innocent and homeless animals in our local shelters.

As part of the Voices of the Youth event held at Wilde Lake Middle School, 20 students were hand selected by their 7th grade peers to present speeches they wrote on current issues facing our country. The students planned the event and presented speeches to raise money for the charity of their choice, the Animal Advocates of Howard County. The students sold snacks and drinks as well as held a flea market at the event.   


Dylan and Cierra along with fellow student Hannah chose the topic of animal abuse.  Mya spoke about puppy mills and Isabella, animal experimentation.  Each student did an outstanding job  reseraching and presenting their topic.

Animal Advocates is grateful to all the students for the funds they raised to help us in our efforts on behalf of the innocent animals.


In celebrating Carla’s 8th Birthday, she asked her Birthday Guests if they would  make donations to the Howard County Animal Control & Adoption Center. We had a wonderful response from her guests. Thank you ALL for your generosity. We, as a family, will continue this tradition.

~Parents of Carla

Meet Lily
Lily created this slideshow for her birthday
charity. Thanks and Great Job Lily!

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