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French Bulldog  : :  Male  : :  Adult

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About Ivan The Adorable

  • Status: Available for Adoption
  • Species: Dog
Ivan is in a Foster Home, please read his description then use the contact information at the end of this write-up.  This super sweet boy is “Ivan The Adorable” and he is all about cuddle time. He likes to be with people.  Although he can walk, run, and play, Ivan does have some disabilities.  He is an 8 year old French Bulldog, a breed which is purposely bred for genetic dwarfism, and with that can come skeletal issues such as disc disease and spinal deformations, as is the case with Ivan.  They cause him to lose some control in his back legs. The deformities also cause him to have potty accidents in the house too because he cannot always tell when he has to go. Ivan does not mind wearing a belly band to catch any accidents but sometimes the belly band does not stay in place with his shape. Do not be surprised if the belly band leaks because it moved. Ivan likes to rub his belly on the carpet which is quite adorable but this moves his belly band sometimes too. 
Ivan has been seen by a neurologist who conducted corrective surgery to give him more feeling in his back legs. Ivan did great during his recovery and physical therapy. He has gained more use of his legs now and was able to gain some more balance. 
Ivan has an affectionate personality and loves everyone he meets. He really likes other dogs as well and he tries to get them to play with him. Ivan is able to run for short bursts to play. Due to his limited control in his back legs he needs supervision when playing with another dog to make sure they don’t jump on him. Ivan enjoys soft squeaky toys and carries them around sometimes. He has a low energy level and quite enjoys hanging out and watching you. He is very tolerant, loves children and is such a good boy at the vet. He is good for baths, toenail trims and teeth brushing. 
Some notes about Ivan’s limitations:
Ivan can pull himself up or down a curb or one step. He cannot be allowed to go up or down multiple steps. His back legs are not strong enough so he needs to be carried. He weighs 26lbs. If you have a slippery floor, Ivan will need some non-slip mats to help him get around. It is not safe for him to be on a couch or bed due to his balance issues. Ivan has limitations with expressing his urine and feces. He will need someone who can manually express him multiple times a day and always tell him he is a good boy after:) 
Ivan will need to check in with a veterinary neurologist over time, and is on a daily medication to help relieve his back pain which will need to be continued.  

If you have the patience, dedication and compassion to care for Ivan and his disabilities, contact us at 410 880 2488 #3 or AdoptADog@animal-advocates.org.  

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Ivan The Adorable Ivan The Adorable Ivan The Adorable Ivan The Adorable
Ivan The Adorable


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