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(See Updates Below) Will really needs your HELP. He is in the hospital now, recovering from starvation. This poor little guy was rescued from a prosperous community, in a neighborhood of house after house after house. He is very friendly, and all the residents knew he was there, but didn’t feed him because the “Homeowner’s Association forbade feeding stray animals.”

Well, we really wish just one of these people in one of these homes would have used their head or their heart. And at least put out some food while they sought assistance for Will, instead of watching him nearly die. The vet who is treating Will guesses he had not eaten for months.

Contrary to what some believe, many cats are not “independent,” and Will was unable to “fend for himself.” It took the pleas of a child, who could not stand to see this skeleton of a cat, to lead an adult to ask for help on Will’s behalf.

We hope Will makes it. His name reflects his “will to live.” We want him to find a home with someone who won’t ever let him go hungry again. He is neutered, has tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV. His rescuer hopes Will’s story will teach others to have compassion, and that “people must have the courage to do the right thing”.

If you can adopt or provide a foster home for Will, please call 410.880.2488 ext #3 or always4tucker@yahoo.com. If you aren’t able to provide a home, won’t you please help by donating for Will’s vet care?
Click the “Make a Donation” below and put "Will the cat"

You can see more photos of Will under Adoptable Cats
Update 3-10-06----Will is now in a foster home, THANKS to SUE M. Unfortunately, after receiving vaccines prior to leaving the vet hospital, Will experienced a seizure in his new foster home. Also, his kidney function deteriorated; we are hoping it stabilizes or improves, given that he is a young cat. Sue says Will is very sweet and friendly, and is relaxed and comfortable for the time being. Sue and the rest of us at AAHC are very touched with all of the concern you have shown for Will. He may need to see a specialist if his condition does not improve. He is scheduled for another checkup in about a week, so we will be able to tell you more then.

Update 4-14-06 - After many trips to the vet, Will was referred to a specialist this past Monday. He made the trek with Sue and Paul to Virginia, and handled it like the trouper he is. Even the specialists said they hadn’t seen a cat this sweet in quite a while. Sadly, the news was not good. Will has a host of problems, including severe kidney disease. He is receiving treatment, and may live weeks, months, or years. We are hoping for the latter. BUT, we have very good news to report as well. Will has worked his magic on his foster parents, who have grown very attached. When they learned Will’s illness was not reversible, that made them even more determined to provide a permanent home for him. So, we are happy to say that Will has been ADOPTED!!!!

We are so grateful to Sue and Paul. For everything, from their willingness to open their home to a cat who was sorely in need of one, and for their ability to deal with this latest news with a positive attitude. Sue says, “We don’t know how long Will has, but we promise the life he has will be a good one. He is enjoying his new home and family (human, feline, and canine) and loves to lay on our laps and sleep in bed with us at night. He has a wonderful personality and is very gentle. We feel very privileged to know Will, and share our time, our lives, and our home with him.”

Please enjoy the new picture of Will on his new Mom’s lap, taking a break from “helping” her type on the computer.

Sue, Paul, and the rest of us with Animal Advocates are sending out a big “Thank You” to those of you who assisted with Will’s extensive vet bills and sent positive thoughts his way. You can rest assured that, because you helped, Will got the best medical care possible. He is now living well, for however long he has. Although we can’t help them all, we believe that each one matters. We are inspired and strengthened by the knowledge that you believe this too.

Update 8-23-07

One of our very special pets has left us, in the best way possible. Here’s a Tribute to Will, and to his family, Sue and Paul.

It’s been almost a year and a half since Will became part of our family. Over that
time, he gradually improved to the point where he could start "living" a
bit, enjoying his environment and his animal companions. He even began playing, and that was cause for a celebration on everyone’s part.

However, over the last few months, he has begun deteriorating. Paul and I are amazed that he has lived as long as he has, especially given that his kidneys were in such bad shape in March 2006. I think, I hope, we have done everything we can
for him. He has had all the food he can eat (especially Fancy Feast grilled salmon, his favorite), all the water he needs, all the peaceful sleeping places any cat could want, and a wonderful companion in Paul, to whom he became very attached. I say this not to brag about what we have done, because it truly took little effort on our part. But more to say this is the best we could do, and sometimes that has to be enough. He is very weak now and very, very thin. He is struggling to get to some of his favorite places; the desk where we have our computer, the kitchen counter (yep, we never did this before with our cats in the past!) where he could always find his salmon. I've asked him to tell us when he is ready to go.

Over the past few days, Will went further downhill. And he let us know. Will is in heaven now. He got cheated in life. I hope cat heaven is very good to him.

Those of us with Animal Advocates think the term “cheated” isn’t really right. Yes, Will died before he got to be an old man. But he left this world with people who loved him, and that’s more than so many cats can hope for...


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