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We count on your donations to continue our life-saving work. As a non-profit organization with no paid staff members, our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly on behalf of local animals. And our efforts are paying off. Our innovative programs have been credited with reducing the number of animals who are euthanized at our local animal control facility. Our dream is that one day, no adoptable animals will be killed in area shelters. We thank you for helping us realize this dream.Visit the donation page to see where your money goes.


Zoe decided to have a sleepover for her 8th birthday.  Instead of presents she asked her 7 friends to bring items for the pets at the Howard County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center.  Above is a picture of Zoe with her gifts for the homeless animals in front of the shelter.  Zoe's mom said she really enjoyed helping the animals and that she was proud of her daughter's kind heart.


Meet Sophie and Amelia
Sophie and Amelia, two third graders, held a crochet sale to benefit Animal Advocates. The two girls have taken several sessions of a PTA-sponsored after-school Crochet Class.  They arranged a sale of their many hand-made items in order to benefit animals.  Sophie had attended a Brownie meeting at which Animal Advocates representative, Lisa S. spoke; and Amelia is a lover of German Shepherds and many other animals.  This was how the two girls chose the charity to which they donated half of their proceeds.   We are very proud of their hard work and success!


Kudos goes to Brownie Troop 2318 for collecting funds for Animal Advocates at its Halloween Trail event held on October 30. In addition to monetary donations, the Brownies collected used printer cartridges and cell phones that will be recycled to generate funds. Thank you, Brownies for your enthusiasm and support!


THANK YOU to the local students who did a great job of collecting items for their "Help the Homeless Pets Donation Drive". Miss Lisa, Animal Advocates Humane Educator, and Latte, are pictured here on the right. Latte, who is a homeless pet herself, accepted these wonderful donations on behalf of the cats, dogs and rabbits who, like her, are also looking for permanent homes. To see Latte's web page, please click here.


Meet Julia
For her 11th birthday, Julia (center) decided to ask her friends to bring donations for homeless animals, rather than gifts for herself. They did, and after her birthday party, they all took a trip to Howard County Animal Control to drop off their donations and visit the animals. Everyone enjoyed meeting the cats, dogs, and other animals who are available for adoption. Julia has set a wonderful example for others.


Meet Sienna and Cameron
Recently, two-year old twins, Sienna and Cameron celebrated their second birthday. When they first learned to walk, they followed their two Aussie dogs around the house (and also used them for balance!). When they learned to talk, they both said "doggie" right after Mama and Dada. When they turned two, they celebrated by playing with their friends at My Gym. They didn't want their friends to bring two birthday gifts, especially so close to the holiday season. So, they decided to ask their friends to help the animals instead. The family chose Animal Advocates of Howard County for donations because they care for animals like their doggies McKinley and Lizzie (who have been doing the Walk for Paws for years).



Meet Jonathan
For my Bar-Mitzvah project I decided to raise money for Animal Advocates because I have a dog, and I wanted to help stop dog abuse. I ordered 1000 wristbands saying, “NO EXCUSE FOR DOG ABUSE”, and sold them for $2.00. All of the money that I’ve raised is being donated to Animal Advocates (since I am paying for the wristbands out of the Bar-Mitzvah money that I receive from family and friends). I sent a flyer to many of my friends and family members asking them to buy wristbands. I went to the Walk for Paws this year and sold my wristbands there, too. Some of my parents’ friends, co-workers and patients have bought wristbands as well. Many of the teachers at my school also bought wristbands and my school newspaper staff is donating a portion of all newspaper sales to the project. As of January 2008, I have raised an amazing amount of money, and am still selling wristbands and collecting even more money. Everyone has been so supportive"
Thank you, Jonathan

kidswhocareVictoria and Aislinn

Meet Victoria and Aislinn
Two local elementary school students, Victoria and Aislinn, held a collection for pet supplies at their school to help the homeless pet in shelters. Over three weeks, the girls collected more than 25 items to donate to the animals so that they can have a more comfortable and cozy home while waiting for their "forever" home. They dropped their donations off at a local pet store where Santa assured them their gifts would be put to good use.

Meet Mason
For this little 3 year old's birthday, in leiu of gifts, her guests brought donations for the shelter.

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