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Walk For Paws 2011 Photo Gallery
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Line begins for Walk For Paws 2011!


Toys, Clear Skies, and Dog Lovers

Everyone Say Hello

Let the Games Begin!




Competitors Chat Before A Game

Look At The Concentration


Okay, no problem.

Treats--I'm on the case

Yay! Treats from bark! Pawsitive Pet Food

Our Wonderful Food Crew Prepares

And Shelter Dog Missy is the First Customer

Early Birds Scout Out the Raffle

Low Cost Microchipping only at the Walk!


More Shopping

The Next Pics are about a Day of Friendship

Which is the Most Important Thing at the Walk

It Was a Day to Celebrate Old Friendships

And Solidify the Current Ones

Where Big Dog People Hug Small Dog Friends

And Small Dogs Make Big Contributions

Actually Dogs of All Sizes Can Make a Difference

There Were Dogs Who Needed Help Too

Adopters Wanted

For Big Dogs

And Little Butterflies (Butterfly=Papillion)

And Every Dog In Between

Meeting Missy (Who Was Adopted!)

Let's Have A Hug

Okay, You Kiss Me....

Then I'll Kiss You!

Beagle Mom

Lab Dad




We Love the All-American Mixed Breeds!

Creedence Came All the Way From Indiana PA!

He's a Star

Finding Some Shade

Another Shady Spot

The Pool Was A Popular Place

Cool in the Pool

Oh Yeah, I'm Cool

Shelter Dogs Pooped Out

From All the Attention They Got!

Oops! One's Still Awake

Oh No, The Walk Is Over Already?

Bye Bye, See You Next Year!


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