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Walk for Paws 2006 Photo Gallery
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Snuggle Bug

Lots to see! Fun to be had!

Walk, Walk, Walk!

Interesting Vendors

Digging for Gold... or dog treats... same thing.

Not just a place for people to meet...

Grand Prize Winner!

Activities for Dogs

Toys for Great Prices!

Look Mom, I can balance a girl on my head!

A Special Friend

Double Trouble

A Loyal Supporter

They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

That's Right - roll all over me.

Who Loves Schnauzers?

One Happy Dog

Stop for a picture... but I don't wanna!

I'm here to WALK!

Blue Eyes

Pearly Whites

Struttin' My Stuff

Alright... time for a break.


The Walk Isn't just for Dog Paws...

Food Break

Dressing Up for the Occasion

Two Gorgeous Blondes...

A Very Special Friend

Good Friends have a Good Time!

That is one BIG dog.

Jack Russel Love

Could I have this dance?

Chi Love

Search and Rescue Demonstration

Hard at Work

Dough Ball

Who's Walking Who?

Curly Q's

Love Buggy

Me and my two humans...

What a Good Sitter


Family Unit

Let's Play!

Walk for Paws

Good friends catching up

Line up by height please!

Girl Scouts Help Out

Teaching how to make environmentally friendly bird

This Bassett gets around just fine!

Hula Fun!

Face Painting

Face Painting Fun!

Face Painting

Enjoying the entertainment

Now this is what I call being taken for a walk!

Checking out the scene...

And what a scene!

Cool Tshirt

Taking a small break.

Two Big Smiles at the End of the Day...


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