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Walk for Paws 2005 Photo Gallery
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Rain or Shine... the Walk for Paws was a Success





Ann Strikes a Pose

Registration Tables

Registration tables

Ann and Pal

Joining the Walk

Sit! Good Dog!

Old Friends Catching Up...

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue Employee

Search and Rescue

Great S&R Information

Lots of Positive Attitudes!

Nothing but Friendly Faces...

Cool Artwork Anyone?

No Rain Will Bring Us Down!

Lots of Cool Things to See...

All Signed up and ready to walk

A Committed Supporter

Another Dedicated Supporter!

Looking for some Help?

Watching the Events...

Events for all ages

Nothing Like a Good Rub Down

Tell Me About It...

I will sniff that butt! I will sniff that butt!

Almost there...

Dedicated Supporters joining the Walk

I got my Bath for the month mom!

Snacks for Everyone...

Fantastic Toys for Sale

A Dog's Dream Come True...

I want a toy!

What did you say? There are toys for sale??


I have the PERFECT rain coat...

Volunteer at the Silent Auction

Silent Auction

A Little Snuggle...

Ruth Chase from Coventry demonstrating Agility

Check me out Dad!

I'm Really Getting the Hang of this!

Frisbee anyone?

I've got my human trained!

Anybody got a hair dryer?

Good Job!

Love a Dog with a Disability...

Ready? Set? Walk!


cutie pie

The Look of Love...

waiting for a new home...

What's going on over there?

Keep Away!

Proud Dad

There is No Dog Too Small...

Or TOO Big for to support the walk!

Winner of the Best Kiss Contest

High Five!

Contestant in Best Trick

Another Contestant In Best Trick

You put your left leg in... you put your left leg

Frosty Paws Break for Jack

Pizza Break for Volunteers

Wow! What a Fun Day! I'm worn out!

Bye Bye Walk for Paws! Thanks for the Good Times!


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