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Walk for Paws 2007 Photo Gallery
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Walk for Paws

A lot of Great Vendors

And a lot of Activites!

Anyone for Musical Dog?

Flyball Demonstrations...

Find a Treat...

Or, if your lucky, a cute costume!

We had an agility course for dogs and their owners

Come Owner, Come to doggy, I've got Chicken!

Oh wait, you mean I'm supposed to go through...

Leave it to Lab to use this to the fullest

We had a caricturist

And Face Painting

And Arm Painting too

Sorry Bud, maybe we'll have fur painting next year

"Look, this is how you eat ice cream"

So you mean like this???

But what we had the most of was SUPPORT!

Lots of friends...

of all sizes

of all breeds...

of all species...

and outfits!

We also had a lot of twins...

more twins...

Brothers from another Mother

"Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny Devito" Twins

And we can't forget our "single" furry friends

And their families!

There are so many...

We wish we could include you all

And a BIG thank you to all kids

One Hot Dog!

I knew I could walk it! Wasn't too bad!

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Best Buddies

A little Rough and Tumble

Just Cruisin' Along...

Sit real straight and they might not see you...

I need a nap!

Fabulous Family Portrait

Best Kiss?

Overall, it was a great day - thanks to you all!


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